i'll <3 u when ur gone

by Jenny Hedley

swipe right 4

tell me wat


dare u 2

prove me wrong



lust proclamations / ring

hollow / txt msg chimes



@ gifs

ur custom avatar sux

Text Notification

u up?

(wtv i didn't ask)

Valentine's Day / gonna use it

against you

words like empty nets

indifferent / u miss me

we speak / different

<3 languages

Not received.

u guys still alright?

still alive?

haha still kicking


i <3 u when

when i need u

u <3 the version of me

IRL u grabbed my cunt.

look how hard i am for u bb

not now

just a quickie bb

the kids are right there

but i'm so 😈

u stood there w/ ur 🍆

pointing at me like

u did not seek consent